Suggested Questions and Brief Screeners for Use in Electrophysiological Clinics to Establish Patient Need for Mental Health Care

Depressive SymptomsGeneral Anxiety/Panic SymptomsPosttraumatic Stress Symptoms
Key questionsHave you been feeling hopeless, depressed, or down most for most of the past month?Do you feel nervous or jittery most of the time?During shock/arrest did you fear loss of security or safety, bodily injury, or death?
Do you find that you no longer enjoy activities you used to look forward to?Do find that you cannot stop worrying about the potential for future shock?Do you have nightmares or flashbacks as if you are having the shock/arrest again?
Do you have periods of intense anxiety or panic that occur out of the blue?Have you been avoiding things that remind you of the shock, such as activities that increase heart rate or places where you were shocked?
Do you find that you are always on the lookout for an increased or irregular heart beat?
General screenersBeck Depression Inventory, 2nd edition33Beck Anxiety Inventory35Impact of Events Scale, revised37
Centers for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale34Zung Self-rating Anxiety Scale36Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist 1738
ICD-specific screenersFlorida Patient Acceptance Scale39Florida Shock Anxiety Scale42
ICD and Avoidance Survey40Cognitive Appraisal of ICD Discharges43
The ICD Concerns Questionnaire41The Implanted Device Adjustment Scale44